Taxi Licensing – What To Do If Your Taxi Licence Is Revoked Or Refused

We have recently been successful in relation to a number of taxi licence appeals, both at the Magistrates’ Court and at the Crown Court. Many clients have said that they wish they had instructed us earlier in the process and it may, therefore, be helpful to set out the revocation and appeal procedure.

The relevant council, or TfL in London, may consider revoking an existing taxi licence or refusing a new application, for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it is a criminal conviction or the accumulation of penalty points, but often it is simply an unproven allegation or complaint from a customer or member of the public.

In most cases where the council is considering revoking or refusing a taxi licence, you will be invited in for a panel hearing, (also known as a committee or sub-committee).

At this stage, legal representation may make all the difference. We have on many occasions successfully persuaded the panel not to revoke or refuse the driver’s taxi licence. You should, therefore, contact us immediately if you have received a letter asking you to attend a panel /committee meeting.

If your licence is revoked or refused by the panel, you can appeal to the local Magistrates’ Court. You must lodge the appeal within 21days of receiving the letter confirming the revocation or refusal. We can prepare the appeal notice on your behalf.

Again, legal representation at the appeal can make all the difference. The council will always be represented by a solicitor or barrister and the law relating to licensing appeals can be complex.

A question we are often asked is “Can I continue working as a taxi driver while I wait for my appeal against revocation?” The answer is that in most cases this is possible, provided the appeal is lodged in time. Again we can advise on this and draft the appeal notice for you.

We have considerable experience of taxi licensing cases. We understand that loss of your taxi licence can be devastating for you and your family, and we will fight to get your licence back. Contact us now if you would like further information or advice.

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