Will Brexit Affect UK Motoring Offences & Laws?

Although the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union (EU) on 29th March 2019,  Brexit is likely to have little if any impact on the enforcement and prosecution of most motoring offences.

Although UK drivers may be affected by changes in fuel prices, exchange rates, tariffs and so on, most common motoring offences, such as speeding and drink driving, are not affected by EU Regulations and so will not be affected by Brexit.  Speed, drink driving and other limits are not harmonised across the EU and so are unlikely to be affected by the UK’s departure.

Some commercial transport regulations, such as the tachograph and driver’s hours rules, are subject to EU Regulations which are already incorporated into UK law. It is possible that some of these rules may be relaxed at some point post-Brexit, but far too early to forecast.

Insurance and driving licence requirements may at some point change for EU licence-holders driving in the UK and vice-versa, but again it is far too early to say and there is almost certainly nothing to worry about in the foreseeable future.

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