VOSA Launches Van Best Practice Guide


VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) has just launched a best practice guide for vans and LGVs (Light Goods Vehicles).

VOSA says the new Your Van: Best Practice Guide provides advice and principles to help raise LGV maintenance standards and will help to raise van and LGV standards throughout the country.

The guide includes operator and driver checklists, along with a van walk around checklist (see below). These are likely to be useful to fleet operators, as well as to owner and employed drivers.


Van Walkaround Checklist (Page 11)

VOSA have also recently published a guide for Staying Legal: The Basics for Van Drivers. This leaflet is about the basic rules and responsibilities for van drivers, and explains how to keep a vehicle roadworthy, legal and on the road.

If you operate, own, or drive vans or LGVs and find yourself facing prosecution for any vehicle or driving related offence, we can help.

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