Tough New Speeding Fines Arrive On April 24th 2017

Drivers caught speeding excessively above the legal limit face much tougher fines in future under new sentencing guidelines.

The tougher penalties for serious offenders will see some drivers facing fines of up to 150% of their net weekly income. This would apply to drivers who for example go at 41mph or more where there is a 20mph limit, 51mph or more in a 30mph limit or over 101mph on a motorway. Sentence levels for less serious offences are not changing.

Depending on the speed, drivers caught speeding will also be given between 3 and 6 penalty points on their licence, or in some cases even disqualification.  The maximum fine for speeding is £1000, or £2,500 for motorway offences.

Any driver reaching 12 penalty points for offences committed within three years will be at risk of disqualification, for at least six months, under the totting up system.

New drivers, who accumulate just 6 points within two years of getting a full licence will have to re-take their driving test.

The new sentencing guidelines will apply to all speeding offences sentenced on or after 24th April 2017, no matter when committed.

To see the new guidelines for speeding, click here.

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