The History of our Office Building

Our office is in Lloyds House, just off Albert Square, in the very heart of Manchester.

Lloyds House has an interesting history. It is a Grade II Listed Building, built around 1887, formerly headquarters of the Manchester Shipping Offices and Packing Company. It is very much in keeping with the surrounding Victorian architecture, including the magnificent Manchester Town Hall in nearby Albert Square.

The original main entrance, now occupied by a restaurant, is of particular architectural interest, consisting of a very impressive curved colonnade with polished granite columns mounted on sandstone plinths. Well worth a look if you are visiting us.

The former Manchester Shipping Offices and Packing Company was incorporated in 1864, but apparently dissolved some time before 1916. It is recorded in the Register of Dissolved Companies held by the National Archives at Kew. Interestingly, one of the Directors of that company was Abel Heywood, Lord  Mayor of Manchester in 1862-63 and again in 1876 -77.



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