Sign error on M42 motorway may mean convictions invalid

UPDATE: Further information on this news item can be found here.

Thousands of speeding convictions on the M42 motorway could be overturned because the variable speed limit signs did not comply with regulations. Convictions going back over 6 years to 2006 could be affected.

The signs were on the M42 between junctions 3a to seven and junctions seven to nine. Some cases have already been dropped, but thousands of motorists may have been wrongly convicted or subjected to fixed penalties. Others may have been wrongly disqualified. We have already represented a number of drivers against whom prosecutions have been dropped. Offences after 27th November 2012 should not be affected.

Similar variable speed limit signs have also been used on the M40, M6, M1, M20 and M25

If you may have been affected, you should contact us urgently for advice.


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