Premier League footballers in Court for speeding

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It’s been a busy time for Premier League players in Court for speeding offences, with players from both ends of the table facing Magistrates in recent months.

Last week, Manchester City and Ivory Coast international Yaya Toure was given six penalty points after admitting speeding at 101 mph in a turbo-charged Porsche on the M6 in Staffordshire.

He was also fined and ordered to pay additional costs and charges at Burton-upon-Trent Magistrates’ Court.

At the other end of the Premier League, Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas was banned by Guildford Magistrates’ Court. He was caught at 110 mph in a 50 limit when the Aston Martin Vantage he was driving was clocked by a speed camera. In October the Spanish International was given six points. Due to the six already on his driving licence, this also qualified him for a six month totting-up ban.

He was also fined £1,000 and ordered to pay prosecution costs and other charges.

In May, Fabregas was given six points on his licence and fined for failing to identify the driver of a vehicle in relation to an earlier incident.

In November, another Manchester United player, Marouane Fellaini, was banned from driving after he was caught driving at 81 mph in a 40 zone. Manchester City Magistrates’ Court heard that he was caught speeding twice in one day, being clocked again – just six minutes later – doing 59 mph in a 30 limit. Fellaini, who already had 15 penalty points on his licence, was banned from driving for nine months and fined.

Also in November, former England and Liverpool player Jamie Redknapp was banned from driving for six months by Staines Magistrates’ Court after being caught speeding in his Bentley. The offence was committed in breach of a temporary speed limit on the M25. The additional points qualified him for a six month driving ban under the totting-up system.

In May Liverpool defender, Kolo Toure, was fined £660 by Warrington Magistrates’ Court after being caught speeding twice in the same week. Both offences were committed in breach of temporary speed limits on the M56 and M6 motorways.

He was given a total of eight penalty points, and ordered to pay additional costs and charges.

Latest government statistics show a significant increase in speeding and other vehicle offence prosecutions.  Any driver who reaches 12 or more penalty points within a three year period is at risk of disqualification under the totting-up system, unless he or she can show that this would cause exceptional hardship.

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