Manchester Police Launch Christmas Drink And Drug Driving Clampdown

drink-drive-480Greater Manchester Police have launched their annual Christmas drink and drug driving clampdown.

The launch also marks the start of this year’s police operation which Police say will see officers stopping thousands of motorists to test them for alcohol and drugs.

In last year’s festive drink drive campaign police in Greater Manchester say they breathalysed 11,230 drivers with 464 testing positive or failing or refusing to take a test.

Karen Delaney, communications officer at DriveSafe, said: “It’s impossible to calculate a ‘safe’ level to drink and then drive, so if you are the ‘designated driver’ on a night out, you should always avoid drinking any alcohol.” Police have encouraged any member of the public who sees somebody drink-driving this year to report them to Police or Crimestoppers.

If you have been caught drink driving find out more about our defence services.

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