Police announce new 20 mph zone enforcement guidelines


ACPO, the Association of Chief Police Officers, have updated their existing guidance on speed enforcement to take account of the increasing number of  20mph zones.

You can view the full guidelines here: http://www.acpo.police.uk/documents/uniformed/2013/201305-uoba-joining-forces-safer-roads.pdf

Chief Constable Suzette DavenportNational Road Policing Lead, Chief Constable Suzette Davenport said:

“We are now introducing speed awareness courses as a key part of enforcement in these areas for those who breach the limit between 24 and 31mph.”

“Enforcement will be considered in all clearly posted limits, but limits are only one element of speed management and local speed limits should not be set in isolation. They should be part of a package with other measures to manage speeds which include engineering, visible interventions and landscaping standards that respect the needs of all road users and raise the driver’s awareness of their environment, together with education, driver information, training and publicity. “

What does the new guidance mean for drivers in 20mph zones?

Below 22 mph             Normally no enforcement
24 – 31 mph                 Police will offer a Speed Awareness Course, where appropriate
24 – 34mph                 Fixed Penalty (if Speed Awareness Course not offered)
35 mph & above          Prosecution

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