UK Motorists Still Driving, Despite Multiple Penalty Points


The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has recently claimed that drivers are continuing to drive on Britain’s road’s despite amassing a large number of penalty points for various motor offences.

The examples they gave were:

  1. A woman from Isleworth still driving despite 42 points, who failed to disclose the driver’s identity.
  2. A man from Warington still driving despite 36 points, who was caught driving without insurance 6 times in less than two weeks.
  3. A man from Southend still driving despite 30 points, who was caught speeding 10 times between March 2011 and August 2012
  4. A man from Blackburn still driving despite 29 points, who was caught speeding 8 times in September and November 2011
  5. A man from Pevensey still driving despite 24 points, who was caught speeding 6 times in two weeks.

In fact cases like this are very rare, although  of course it makes a good headline for the IAM and the media!

The reality is that if a driver reaches 12 points for offences committed within 3 years of each other, the Court has to disqualify, for at least 6 months, unless the defence can prove that this would cause exceptional hardship. In practice, exceptional hardship applications are carefully examined by the Court and can be particularly difficult for unrepresented motorists to prove.

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