Online & Direct Debit Car Insurance – Are You Sure You’re Covered?

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Do you insure your car or motorbike online, or pay by direct debit? If so, you should read this article. It highlights worrying trends in relation to motor insurance policies that are arranged online or funded by monthly direct debits.

If you insure your car online or pay by direct debit, you should carefully check that your policy is in force and that direct debits are being collected on time.

When buying insurance online, make sure you have completed every step of the online process and that you have supplied all necessary documents and information, for example proof of no claims bonus. We have represented a number of clients who believed themselves to be covered, but had either failed to complete the online process or not sent in additional documentation or information.

If you pay by monthly direct debit, check your bank statement every month to ensure that payments have not been missed. Again, increasing numbers of motorists are finding themselves with cancelled insurance as a result of a missed direct debit.

In many cases, the first a driver knows of an insurance problem is when their car is stopped and taken off them by the Police. The driver and any passengers, in some cases children, are literally left at the side of the road.

In most ‘driving with no insurance‘ cases, the Police will offer a Fixed Penalty of six points and ¬£300.

What about new drivers? Find out more here.

What if you already have six or more points? In that case, if you get another six you will be at risk of disqualification under the totting up system, unless you can establish that this would cause exceptional hardship. Again, we can help with this. You can find out more about totting up here.

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