New Year greetings and thanks


We wish all our loyal clients, past, present and of course future, a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. Most of our clients initially find us by recommendation, often by other lawyers, and some of you have been with us for many years. Thank you for your loyalty.

Who knows what 2016 will bring? For drivers, I think it is safe to predict cheaper fuel prices, higher traffic congestion and another very busy year for speed cameras and motoring prosecutions of every kind. There may also be an increase in the penalty for using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving. Prosecutions for drug driving, previously relatively infrequent, are likely to become more common.

We also wish a happy New Year and pass on our grateful thanks to all those who  helped us in 2015, including the talented barristers who worked on some of our Crown Court cases, the patient boffins at Amshire Solutions, who look after our IT systems, Col Skinner at Profoundry, who looks after our internet optimisation, Steven Shaw, at Quill Pinpoint, who keeps our accounts in order, Andrew Stephens of Foremedecon, who provides expert advice on forensic science issues relating to drink and drug driving matters and Caroline Hagan of Blueocto, who built our new interactive website. There are others too numerous to name – you know who you are and thank you all.

Finally, we’re pleased to say that we shall again be sponsoring JB Shorts Plays in their next season in the Spring.

We look forward to speaking to you all in 2016.

Richard Silver CTA Call us on 0808 231 3908