MP accuses Chief Constable of “waging war” against motorists

In a tough exchange, MP Michael Ellis has accused former South Yorkshire Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes of being more interested in “waging war” against motorists than investigating “industrial scale” child abuse in Rotherham since 1997.

The former Chief Constable MP was being questioned by MPs of the House of Commons  home affairs select committee  in relation to the Rotherham child-abuse investigation. In response, Mr Hughes said the MP had “impugned”his character.

The former Chief Constable, a former chair of the ACPO Roads Policing Enforcement Technology Committee, had a reputation for taking a hard line on motor offences such as speeding and drink driving. He was Chief Constable from 2004 – 2011 and during his career served with a number of police forces, including South Wales and Greater Manchester.

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