Could More Motorcyclists Increase Road Safety?


54% of drivers say they would be more aware of motorcyclists if there were more of them on the road, an AA survey has found.

57% of drivers polled said they are ‘often surprised when a motorcycle appears from nowhere’, increasing to 63% of women and over-65s.

The findings of the poll, in which more than 20,000 drivers were questioned, were presented to the Department for Transport on 11th November 2013.

AA President Edmund King said: “We need to ensure that drivers are much more aware of the presence and possible presence of motorbikes and indeed cycles on our roads. It is worrying that half of all drivers are often caught out by ‘invisible’ motorcycles seemingly coming out of nowhere. Motorcyclists also need to always be aware that they might not be seen.

“We have heard much lately about improving the safety of cyclists from the Prime Minister downwards yet motorcyclists appear to be the forgotten cousins. Yet motorbikes and scooters can play a vital role in helping to reduce congestion and enhance mobility in our towns and cities.

“We need a step change in attitudes to provide a positive role for powered two-wheelers in our transport strategy. Safer, more fuel-efficient bikes coupled with serious inclusion of motorcycling within transport policy could bring benefits for all road users. All too often motorcycling is written off as deemed to be unsafe.”

Commenting on the poll, motoring solicitor Richard Silver, who rides a motorbike most days, said:

“Some drivers fail to see motorcyclists in time. Both drivers and motorcyclists would benefit from practical action to reduce this problem.”

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