M42 Variable Speed Limit acquittals

Richard Silver has recently secured the acquittal of three drivers accused of exceeding variable speed limits on the M42 motorway in Warwickshire.  Following our involvement, the Prosecution dropped all three cases and their legal costs will be paid by the Court.

In one of the cases, our client was certain that the variable speed limit sign had not been switched on as claimed by the police. Our advice to plead not guilty was later vindicated by the case against him being dropped. This was despite the fact that a Solicitor from another firm had wrongly advised him to plead guilty.  In another case, we secured our client’s acquittal by spotting that the police had issued the Summons under the wrong legislation. In the third, we established that the police paperwork had not been issued in time.  Our client in the second case was particularly relieved by the outcome, as if convicted he would have been at risk of disqualification. All three cases were at Leamington Spa Magistrates’ Court.

These cases illustrate that prosecution evidence which looks good on paper may be unreliable and open to successful challenge. Also, it is important to seek advice from a specialist lawyer who will carefully examine the prosecution evidence on your behalf.


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