Could Increased HGV Speed Limits Make Roads Safer?

50 mph lorryLast April, the government raised the national speed limit for HGVs on some roads by 10 mph.

To the surprise of many, a review of the limits for the Department for Transport (DfT) found that accidents involving HGVs dropped sharply a year after the change was made. The ongoing study found that collisions were down by as much as 36%, although the DfT said it was not possible to attribute this directly to speed limit changes.

Motoring groups have suggested that the government admission points to improved traffic flows, meaning cars were not forced to brake behind slower-moving HGVs.

The DfT also reported that average speeds for HGVs increased by more than 1 mph a year after the change. On dual carriageways, the increase was only 0.5mph, but there was a sharp drop in collisions on these roads.

The current national speed limits for HGVs are 60mph on dual carriageways and 50 on single carriageway roads, although in some cases lower limits apply. Lorry drivers who exceed these limits are at risk of at least three penalty points on their HGV driving licence.

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