Hundreds arrested for drug driving in Cheshire

Over 240 motorists have been arrested for drug driving in Cheshire since new drug driving laws came into force in March last year.

New figures revealed by Cheshire Police show that since March 160 drivers have been charged and 75 remain on Police bail for the offence. The figures cover Cheshire alone, including Macclesfield, Warrington, Runcorn, Wilmslow and Chester.

holding-cigarette-whilst-drivingUsing roadside “drugalysers”, traffic police can now test instantly for cannabis and cocaine, although other banned substances, such as “ecstasy” and ketamine can only be detected by laboratory tests.

Any motorist convicted of drug driving faces a driving ban of at least 12 months, plus a fine, community penalty or even in some cases prison .

New laws mean that it is now an offence simply to be over the limit for certain drugs, both legal and illegal, and the Police no longer have to prove impairment.

Cheshire Police say that over the last 12 months they have undertaken a number of operations targeting both drink and drug drivers, and that they have “embraced the new drug drive laws”.

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