Hampshire Police Accuse Motorists of Distracted Driving


In a recent crackdown in Hampshire, Motorway Police say they filmed motorists writing, texting, talking on a mobile phone, putting on make-up and even cleaning their teeth at the wheel.

Hampshire Police say that they detected 227 driving offences over the course of five days in September on the motorways of Hampshire and the Thames Valley.

The operation saw a total of 198 motorists prosecuted for driving offences across 5 days. The majority of these offences were driving while distracted. Hampshire Police also say they will continue to crack down on distracted driving and will repeat the operation, known as Tramline, in the future.

Motorists accused of these types of offence could find themselves charged with offences such as using a hand-held phone or texting whilst driving, not being in proper control of a vehicle, careless or inconsiderate driving, or even dangerous driving, and therefore at risk of penalty points or disqualification from driving.

If you find yourself accused of an offence and need legal advice, we can help. Just because the Police say you are guilty doesn’t necessarily mean you are, as mistakes are sometimes made.

We will meticulously check the evidence against you and have successfully represented a number of motorists who were wrongly accused of motoring offences such as these.

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