DVLA Sells Driver Records To Private Car Parking Firms

Data-SecurityFigures recently obtained by the BBC show a big increase in the number of driver records that the DVLA is selling to private parking companies.

More than £1.4m was paid by private companies over three months this year for access to personal information – a 20% rise on the same time last year.

The British Parking Association claim that the scheme is helping people make sure their land is not parked on without permission. However, Paul Watters of the AA said “If they’re going to issue tickets by post using DVLA data… they should tell us what the ground rules are about these tickets and how they are enforced.”

Although many motorists do not realise it, the DVLA has power to sell driver records to British Parking Association members. The DVLA says it does not make a profit from the supply of this information and  that the fee charged only covers processing costs.

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