DVLA Discloses Driver Details to EU Member States

The government has just quietly introduced a new law that will require the DVLA to disclose to other EU countries the personal details of anyone who was the registered keeper of a vehicle alleged to have committed a traffic offence in another EU country. The law applies to a number of motoring offences, including speeding offences and using a mobile phone whilst driving. The personal details given will include the keeper’s name, address and date of birth.

This means that if for example you are caught by a speed camera in another EU member state, the DVLA will have to supply your vehicle keeper details on request to that country. However, except in the case of Ireland, there is currently no mutual recognition of disqualifications imposed in other EU countries, although that may well change in the future.

Although Brexit was triggered on 29th March 2017, the new legislation was introduced with little warning on 11th April and comes into force on 6th May. Some may regard the timing as somewhat ironic. It remains to be seen whether mutual recognition of disqualification will be extended to all EU countries at some point in the future.


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