DVLA Announces Motor Insurance and SORN Changes

The DVLA has again announced that motorists will no longer need to produce their motor insurance for checking when applying for their vehicle tax. The change takes effect on 16th December 2013. The Department of Transport says the change is designed to reduce red tape.

Source: DVLA Youtube Channel

The press release, although welcome to many, is in fact old news, which was first announced in November 2013.

In another change, also first announced in November, a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) once made will no longer have to be renewed annually

The DVLA say that the changes to insurance checks have been made possible because DVLA regularly checks existing databases for insurance under Continuous Insurance Enforcement rules.

Earlier this month, the government also announced that from next October vehicle tax discs will be replaced by an electronic system.

According to some experts, the changes reflect the increasing use of surveillance cameras and ANPR systems.

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