Drug driver testing pilot scheme announced

A new drug driver testing scheme is about to be piloted in the UK. This was announced by the Transport Secretary at the National Roads Policing Conference on 16th January 2014.

Equipment for testing for cannabis in drivers’ saliva will be piloted in 11 police force areas. Police will use the Drager Drugtest 5000 unit. The Minister says the device can also test for amphetamine, cocaine, morphine and diazepam, so its use could be expanded in the future.

Under the present law, a motorist cannot be convicted of drug driving unless the prosecution prove that his ability to drive properly was impaired by drugs. The government has proposed a new drug driving law based on set limits. This would make it less difficult for the Police to prosecute these offences. The pilot scheme will test the new device which is designed to increase the detection of drug drivers.

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