Department Of Transport Launches THINK! Drink Driving Campaign

Road SafetyThe 2013 THINK! campaign launched this month by the Department of Transport reveals the consequences of a drink driving conviction on future employment.

Millions of people risk losing their job or face difficulty getting work if they are convicted of drink driving.

The campaign also highlights the effect a drink drive conviction on future job prospects.

The campaign points out that up to one million people work in jobs they could lose as a result of a drink-drive conviction, while a survey has shown that almost a third (27%) of people would have to give up their job because they rely on a car to get to work.

You are particularly vulnerable if your job involves driving. but if you have a conviction you could also be turned down for millions more jobs which are eligible for criminal records checks.

Any employer can ask to see unspent criminal convictions and some jobs require disclosure of unspent convictions as well

AA president Edmund King, said:  One third of people will lose their jobs and experience years of hiked insurance premiums.

Simon Edwards, head of logistics at recruiting firm Manpower, said:

In this highly competitive job market a drink drive conviction puts you at a serious disadvantage. It is very common for a client making a decision between two otherwise equal applicants to favour the individual without a drink drive conviction.

A number of Police Forces including Greater Manchester, West Midlands and Thames Valley Police have also launched their Christmas drink driving crackdowns.

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