Council’s Intended Use Policy For Taxi Drivers Ruled Unlawful

In an important ruling, the High Court in Manchester recently ruled that a North West council’s intended use policy as regards private hire taxi licences was unlawful.

In 2017 Knowsley Council had adopted a policy requiring taxi drivers to work predominantly in the council’s area. Private hire drivers faced revocation of their licence if they didn’t.

As a result of a judicial review brought by Uber and Delta Cars, (a Merseyside taxi firm), the High court agreed that the council had no right to place a restriction of this nature on taxi drivers.

The council had adopted the policy in March last year to tackle a rise in applications for private hire driver licences from outside its area.

Following the ruling, Richard Silver Solicitors have successfully overturned taxi licence revocations in a number of such cases, allowing clients to continue earning money as taxi drivers.

If you have had your taxi licence revoked or refused on any ground, you should contact us immediately.

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