Council Cracks Down On Offending Taxi Drivers

Following a council crackdown in Liverpool, taxi drivers who don’t comply with the law have been prosecuted for a number of offences. These include

  • Illegally plying for hire, sometimes called “touting”;
  • Driving with no insurance;
  • Driving with no licence;
  • Defective tyres, (for example exposed cords);
  • Failure to return taxi badges after revocation;
  • Fail to engage meter;
  • Fail to wear taxi badge;

The drivers concerned come from a number of areas, including Liverpool, St Helens and as far away as Blackburn.

Taxi drivers who commit offences face not only Fixed Penalties or prosecution but are also risk having their taxi licence suspended or revoked by the council or TfL.

Penalties for offences committed by taxi drivers can be severe, including large fines and in some cases penalty points.

We have vast experience defending taxi drivers facing all kinds of allegations and we have a very high success rate.

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