Britons Support Motorway Speed Limit Increase

Half the people in the UK would support increasing the motorway speed limit, an MSN poll has suggested.

According to their research, 50% of Britons would like to see the speed limit raised from 70 to 80 mph.

25% support retention of the current speed limit.

MSN says that”Britain’s speed limits are among the lowest in Europe.

“Many of our continental neighbours, including France, Germany and Spain, have a 130 km/h (81 mph) limit.”

Some German autobahns famously have no speed limit.

Other countries, including Belgium and Ireland, with 74 mph motorway speed limits, are in fact similar to Britain.

MSN carried out the survey after the government unveiled plans to cut the speed limit on the M1 motorway between junction 28 for Mansfield and 35a for Sheffield and Rotherham.

Just eight per cent of respondents to the survey agreed with the proposals. The Department of Transport says the reduced limit is designed to reduce pollution, although some commentators have suggested it is more about raising money from fines.

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