Britain has lowest use of mobile phones whilst driving


Use of mobile phones whilst driving is lower in Britain than in other countries. A recent Ipsos OTX Poll of motorists in 24 countries, which some may find surprising, shows that Britain had the lowest proportion of drivers saying they have texted, emailed or used social media while driving. At just 8%, British drivers differed from their counterparts in countries such as France (17%), Italy (19%), the USA (27%) and, highest of all, Saudi Arabia (43%). A majority of those surveyed (78%) said they do not do this.

mobile phone driving

Age was an important factor; under 35’s are most likely to admit doing it, as are those in work compared to the unemployed. Seniority is also an important factor; business owners or major decision makers are more likely to admit it than those who aren’t. Similarly, higher income and better education are also indicators of greater likelihood to drive and message.

Source: Ipsos OTX

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