60 mph Motorway limit proposed

The Highways Agency has proposed another 60mph motorway speed limit, this time on a section of the M3 between junctions 3 at Lightwater and 4 near Farnborough.

The proposed restriction  would apply from 7am to 7pm seven days a week. It comes hot on the heels of a similar proposal to introduce 60 mph limits on a stretch of the M1 between Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

According to the Agency, the restriction is intended to deal with higher levels of pollution, at peak times, following the introduction of hard shoulder running. It says it expects to be able to remove it by 2019.

Critics, however, have suggested that the new 60 mph limits may be the thin end of the wedge.  The RAC, for example, warned it could pave the way for a reduction from 70mph to 60mph on other motorways where hard-shoulder running is to be allowed.

In a recent Populus survey of AA members, half said they believe that reducing speed on motorways will make no difference to air pollution.

The consultation opens today and can be found at:


Motorists and other interested parties have until 11 April to comment on the M3 proposals. The M1 consultation ends on 3 March and can be found here:


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