129 Drivers Already Arrested In Christmas Drink Driving Crackdown

drink-drive-480Just two weeks into a Christmas crackdown on drink driving, Greater Manchester Police have already pulled over and breath tested more than three thousand drivers as part of their ‘None for the Road’ campaign.

129 people have so far been arrested after failing or refusing to give a breath test.Some were tested following crashes, others by police officers on patrol.

Police say the safest option for those driving is not to drink any alcohol at all.

Events have been held held in MediaCity, Stockport and Wigan to explain the effect of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

A spokesman for DriveSafe said: “It’s impossible to calculate a ‘safe’ level to drink and then drive, so if you are the ‘designated driver’ on a night out, you should always avoid drinking any alcohol.

“Alcohol takes a long time to work its way through your system, so we want to discourage people from driving the morning after and also refuse travel with anyone who has been drinking.”

Anyone convicted of drink or drug driving faces a minim 12 month driving ban. Convicted drivers are also at risk of being fined, ordered to carry out unpaid community work, put on curfew or probation, or even sent to prison in some cases.

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