Driving with defective tyres solicitors

Driving with defective tyres solicitors

Tyre Offences

Are You Facing Prosecution For Defective Tyres?

If you have tyres which do not meet the minimum standards of tyre tread depth or pattern, you are at risk of 3 penalty points for each defective tyre.

If you’re at risk of penalty points, or losing your licence, for driving with a defective tyre (DVLA Code CU30), get in touch with us here at Richard Silver, for our expert advice on how to defend the case against you.

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How many points could I receive for a Defective Tyre Offence

For all tyre offences, the court has to impose three penalty points. It can also impose these points for each defective tyre.

So for example, four bald tyres on the same vehicle could place you at risk of 12 points and a possible totting up/driving ban. This means you could be disqualified from driving.

Avoiding Or Limiting Penalty Points For Defective Tyres

The court should not impose penalty points if you prove that you did not know and had no reasonable cause to suspect that the tyre was defective, and we can argue this on your behalf. For example we can use this rule to help drivers who rely on their employer’s assurance that a vehicle is in good repair, as well as sons and daughters who drive their parents’ cars.

If you think this may apply to you, you should think very carefully before accepting a Fixed Penalty. You should seek expert legal advice before deciding, because once you have accepted, you can’t change your mind. If you want to argue that you penalty points should not be imposed, you should not accept a Fixed Penalty.

The minimum tread legal requirement for tire tread depth in the UK is 1.6 millimetres (mm) across the central three-quarters of the tire’s width and around the entire circumference. If you are caught driving with more than one defective tyre on the same occasion, you could receive 3 points for each separate offence. In these cases, we can usually persuade the court to impose only one set of 3 points on your driving licence. This can limit the risk of a totting up ban.

This means that if you are offered more than one Fixed Penalty for multiple offences committed on the same occasion, you should again think very carefully before accepting and seek legal advice before deciding. Once you have accepted, you can’t change your mind. If you do want to argue that you should get only 3 points, you should not accept more than one Fixed Penalty.

Regulations can be complicated though, so you need the help of expert driving offence solicitors like the team at Richard Silver.

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We have considerable experience of defective tyre cases, and can put forward an effective defence or mitigation for you. We have a very high success rate in persuading courts to avoid or reduce the number of penalty points, and this may prevent you from facing the risk of disqualification from driving.

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