Traffic Lights & Road Signs

Traffic Lights & Road Signs

Are You Facing A Traffic Light Offence?

If you’ve been caught driving through a red traffic light or have misunderstood a road sign or road marking, you could be facing a hefty fine and penalty points on your licence. You may have received a summons, and be facing prosecution for a minor traffic offence.

Penalty points on your licence could add up and lead to a disqualification from driving. It’s easy to miss road signs and get confused by complicated junctions, and you might have a defence which could prevent you from getting any points on your licence. We can help.

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How To Avoid Traffic Light and Road Offences

Ignoring a red traffic light is perhaps the most common road offence, but you can also face prosecution for ignoring amber lights with a red signal, if you fail to stop, or if your vehicle is over the line and police think you should have stopped.

If you ignore mandatory traffic signs and road markings, like “Give Way”, “Stop” and double white lines, you can also face prosecution for a road offence.

However, with our help, we can analyse all the evidence against you and put forward an effective defence to prevent you from being prosecuted. Missing, non-conforming or damaged signs may provide a defence, but the rules are complex and detailed. It depends on the wording of the particular legislation and the nature of the defect.

That’s why you need the help of an expert motoring solicitor. At Richard Silver, we’ve represented numerous drivers who were acquitted when we discovered that the signal, sign or road marking was in fact defective.

Sentences and Penalty Points For A Traffic Light Offence

Failing to comply with traffic lights, mandatory road signs and markings is an offence. The penalty is three points and a fine. In most cases, these offences are dealt with by a Fixed Penalty of 3 points and £100.

However, if you already have points on your driving licence, a Fixed Penalty could result in you being disqualified from driving under the totting up law. In situations like this, you should definitely see legal advice.

If you were caught by a traffic signal camera, the police will usually offer a Traffic Signal Course, if the activation was less than 3 seconds, and you’ve haven’t done the same course within the last three years. This will not result in penalty points, although you still have to pay a fee.

Click To View: Penalty Points Table
Code Offence Points
TS10 Failing to comply with traffic light signals. 3
TS20 Failing to comply with double white lines. 3
TS30 Failing to comply with ‘stop’ sign. 3
TS40 Failing to comply with direction of a constable/warden. 3
TS50 Failing to comply with traffic sign (excluding ‘stop’ signs, traffic lights or double white lines. 3
TS60 Failing to comply with a school crossing patrol sign. 3
TS70 Undefined failure to comply with a traffic direction sign. 3

However, in some cases you could be prosecuted for careless or dangerous driving instead.

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