Removal of Disqualification

Removal of Disqualification

Do You Need To Get A Driving Disqualification Removed?

If you’ve been disqualified from driving, do you know when you can get your driving licence back and get back on the road? There are a number of situations where you can apply early for a driving ban to be removed, and we want to help you take advantage of this.

Depending on how long you were banned for, we may be apply to the court for removal of the disqualification. We have successfully done so in many cases.

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Case Study: Helping Disqualified Drivers

Disqualified Driver Case Study

“Our client was a delivery driver. Without legal representation, he was disqualified from driving for 12 months, even though he had only 6 points. He could not understand why he had been banned and asked Richard Silver to help.

“Within 24 hours, having obtained and checked the relevant DVLA and Court records, we ascertained that due to a mistake by the court he had been wrongly disqualified. The following day, the court granted our application to lift the ban.”

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When Can You Apply For The Lifting Of A Driving Ban?

If you were disqualified for less than four years, you can apply after two years.

If you have a disqualification for between four and ten years, you can apply when half the period has expired.

If you’re serving a driving disqualification for ten years or more, or for life, you can apply after five years.

Even if your application is refused, you can apply again after three months. However, when your driving ban was for less than two years, you cannot apply at all. Your only option would be to appeal IF you were in time and had grounds, and we we can help you with this.

How Can Richard Silver Help?

We have years of experience helping disqualified drivers to get their licence back, and we know how to appeal to get a ban lifted for you.

We can submit the application before the qualifying period has expired, to ensure that it will be considered by the court at the earliest possible opportunity. In deciding whether to remove a ban, the court has to take into account your character, conduct since conviction and any other circumstances. We can effectively argue your case in these instances.

We can also help in cases where the DVLA has revoked or refused to issue a driving licence on medical grounds. Many people do not realise that in these cases there is a right of appeal to the local Magistrates’ Court. We’ve won cases for clients in these instances where the DVLA has had to issue an immediate licence.

Whatever your situation, it’s important to seek legal advice, and we’re here to offer the best possible help and guidance to help you get a driving ban lifted.

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