Notification Of Intended Prosecution

Notification Of Intended Prosecution

Have You Received A Notification Of Intended Prosecution?

If you were caught by a speeding camera, or have committed a traffic offence and been caught on camera, then you will have received a Notification of Intended Prosecution. These are issued to vehicle keepers whose car has been identified in a motoring offence.

Regardless of whether you were driving or not, you could be at risk of penalty points and potential disqualification from driving. If you do not name a driver when you receive a Notification of Intended Prosecution, you could be prosecuted for a Section 172 – Failing to Name A Driver.

If you’re concerned about a notification you’ve received about a speeding offence, just get in touch with us. We’ll be able to advise you on what steps you should take to avoid any unnecessary prosecution and mount a defence against a speeding offence.

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What To Do About A Notification of Intended Prosecution

In most camera cases, the vehicle isn’t stopped and so the police won’t know who was driving. In order to find out they usually send a Notice of Intended Prosecution to the vehicle’s Registered Keeper, who is not necessarily the driver, and request the name of the driver at the time of the offence.

If you’ve received a notification in the post as the Registered Keeper of a vehicle, and you’re worried about prosecution, penalty points and potential disqualification from driving, then you need to seek expert legal advice.

We’re here to offer you help and guidance on what steps you should take, and if necessary, we can  discuss any possible defences we can make against a speeding offence.

The Police must serve the Notice of Intended Prosecution to either the driver or the Registered Keeper within 14 days of the alleged offence. If they are out of time, the driver cannot be convicted of speeding. However, the rules about how the 14 days are calculated are fairly complicated, and just because you didn’t receive the form, doesn’t mean you can’t be prosecuted.

That’s where our experience with countless motoring offences can help you.

The Consequences Of An NIP

If you’re found guilty of speeding, you will be facing at least three penalty points and a fine. You may also face more severe sentencing, depending on the speeding circumstances.

Failing to name the driver after receiving a Notification of Intended Prosecution is an offence, known as a Section 172, for which you can now receive six penalty points or a disqualification, as well as a fine.

Don’t let yourself get into a situation like this. If you need legal advice on what to do, just give us a ring.

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