Newly Qualified Drivers

Is Your New Driving Licence at Risk?

If you’re a new driver, and passed your test less than two years ago, you face tougher sentencing for motoring offences. If you receive six points within the first two years of holding a new driver’s licence, your licence will be revoked and you must re-take your test.

If you find yourself facing a motoring offence which will take you over the six point limit, we can advise on how to avoid this.

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Case Study: Helping Newly Qualified Drivers

Case Study

“In one recent case, we represented a new driver who was a community dentist. Unrepresented, she had been convicted in her absence, given six points and her licence revoked without her knowledge. In desperation, she contacted us over a weekend. Within a few days, we were able to have the sentence set aside and replaced with a seven-day ban. Our client was delighted, because it meant she didn’t have to re-take her test and would only be off the road for five working days instead of several months.

Our client’s job relied on driving. Had the original sentence stood, she would have been unable to work for several months and would almost certainly have lost her job and damaged her career.”

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Should You Accept A Fixed Penalty?

We can offer you sound legal advice on whether you should accept a Fixed Penalty for a speeding or other motoring offences, or whether it is better to decline the penalty and go to court. Whichever option you choose, there’s no going back. That’s why we’re here to help you make the right choice.

Our skills as experienced motoring solicitors can help you avoid having to re-take your test, even if you are at risk of six points or more. We can put forward legal arguments on your behalf to persuade the court to issue a very short ban, as opposed to making you re-take your driving test.

What Happens To A Newly Qualified Driver With Six Penalty Points?

Under the New Driver provisions, people are classed as a new driver for 2 years from passing their driving test.

If you receive six points within 2 years of passing your first driving test, the DVLA will automatically revoke your driving licence.  This means you will have to re-take both your practical and theory tests. In practice, this could take several months. The rule applies if the offence or offences are committed within the 2 years, even if they are dealt with later.

This means that if for example you receive two Fixed Penalties of three points each for speeding offences, you would lose your licence. The same applies if you receive just one Fixed Penalty of six points, for example for driving without insurance, or using a hand-held mobile phone while driving.

Contact Richard Silver To Prevent A Re-Test

If you wish to fight a possible new driver licence revocation, legal advice is essential before you make any decisions.

We’re here to help advise you on Fixed Penalties and any motoring offences you’ve been charged with, so that we can put forward your best defence. Our advice has saved many newly qualified drivers from having to re-take their test.

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