Driving Licence Offences

Are You Facing Penalty Points For Driving Without A Licence?

If you’ve been caught driving without an appropriate licence and are facing prosecution and penalty points, then you might also be in danger of being disqualified from driving.

‘Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence’ is the official term for driving without a valid licence, and as well as invalidating your insurance, it can result in penalty points totting up and you losing your right to drive altogether.

But, you might have been unfairly charged.

In circumstances like these, you need to make sure you get the advice of a solicitor like Richard Silver, who has over 27 years of experience in dealing with motoring related offences. Call today on 0161 834 9494
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Assistance Provided By A Motoring Solicitor

“To drive a particular type of vehicle you need an “entitlement” for that category on your licence. Your entitlement may also have additional restrictions.

“Some entitlements depend on your age and when you passed your driving test, whilst older licences may show Entitlements and Codes which do not match the current categories, making them difficult to identify.

As there are so many different categories and entitlement codes, the rules can be confusing for both drivers and police officers. For example, a Category B car licence entitles you to drive vehicles, but only up to 3,500kg with up to 8 passenger seats. You may also be able to tow a trailer, but it depends on the weight.

The police and DVLA sometimes make mistakes and prosecute people who are in fact driving perfectly legally.

This is where we can help at Richard Silver. We know the law inside out, and will be able to advise you as to whether you are entitled to drive a certain type of vehicle. We’ve helped many clients avoid prosecution in a number of situations, as you’ll see below.

Case Study: Wrongly Prosecuted

Case Study

“We recently represented the holder of a full Category B car driving licence which he had held for over two years.

Whilst driving friends and family on a 16 seater minibus he was stopped by a Police Officer and prosecuted for driving without a Category D1 licence.

In fact, a driver who holds a full car licence, Category B, is entitled to drive a minibus of 3.5 tonnes or less, provided he is over 21, has held his driving licence for two years or more, is not using the minibus “for hire or reward”, and is not towing trailer. In these circumstances, you don’t need a Category D1 licence, but the officer, despite his experience, didn’t realise this.

As a result of our representations at court our client was acquitted. However the case demonstrates how complicated the rules can be and that sometimes even an experienced police officer can get them wrong.

Fines and Penalty Points For Driving Licence Offences

If you’ve been charged with a driving licence offence, you may find yourself presented with a Fixed Penalty Notice of three points and a £100 fine. You shouldn’t accept this unless you are certain you’re guilty.

In other instances, you could face up to six penalty points on your driving license. Under the totting up system, this could mean you are at risk of losing your licence and being disqualified from driving.

In cases where you are unsure, you should always seek legal advice.

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We’ve dealt with many cases where clients have been unfairly charged with driving without a valid license. They have been covered to drive a certain vehicle, but the police or DVLA didn’t realise this.

With our expert knowledge, we can help you avoid getting any penalty points on your licence, and ensure you won’t be disqualified from driving.

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“Further to your letter advising the successful outcome of the proceedings against me at Kidderminster Court on … and that this matter is now closed. May I thank you for your kind attention and friendly advice during the last few months, a first class service.”

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