Commercial Vehicle Offences

Commercial Vehicle Offences

In the UK, there are a number of driving and driving-related offences that apply specifically to certain types of commercial vehicles.

At Richard Silver Solicitors, we understand that conviction for a commercial vehicle offence can have a serious impact on your livelihood, which is why we work hard to understand your situation and find the best outcome for you.

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What commercial vehicle offences exist in the UK?

Commercial vehicle offences are extensive, and it can be a challenge to keep track of all the rules that apply. If a case goes to court, a number of complicated evidential and legal issues can come into play, such as vehicle classification, division of liability and causation. It is, therefore, a good idea to have expert commercial vehicle lawyers on side who are well-versed in this complex area of law.

Examples of commercial vehicle offences include:

Not having the correct licence

In order to drive certain types of commercial vehicle, such as lorries, taxis or buses, operators need to make sure they have the right kind of driving licence, which will usually involve passing a specific test. Driving without the correct licence can lead to a fine and penalty points and can also invalidate your insurance, making you vulnerable to further charges and prosecution.

Tachograph offences

A tachograph is used in some classes of commercial vehicle to keep track of driving times for compliance with drivers’ hours regulations, which impose legal limits on how long these vehicles can be driven. If a vehicle is subject to these regulations, it is an offence to drive it without fitting or using a tachograph, or falsifying the data it has recorded. Penalties depend on the nature of the offence but can include unlimited fines and custodial sentences.

Exceeding maximum driving hours

Drivers of certain classes of commercial vehicles, such as lorries, are subject to legal limits on how many hours a day or week they can drive. The maximum penalty is a £2,500 fine.

Overloading a vehicle

It is an offence to load a vehicle over the maximum permitted weight limit. The penalty for this is up to £5,000. If the vehicle is found to be dangerously overloaded, you could be convicted of dangerous driving, which carries hefty penalties, including up to two years’ imprisonment.


Some classes of commercial vehicle, such as lorries or coaches, are subject to lower speed limits than ordinary motor vehicles. If these limits are exceeded, the standard penalties for speeding will apply, although a higher fine may be imposed if it is felt that the speeding incident generated a commercial profit.

Who is responsible in commercial vehicle offence cases?

If a commercial vehicle offence has been committed, it is possible that the driver’s employer will be held liable as well as the driver him or herself. However, the court’s standard starting point is to view employers as less culpable than drivers. Disputes regarding culpability for an offence can be complicated and confusing, which is why it is wise to instruct an experienced motoring law solicitor such as Richard Silver Solicitors.

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