Appeal A Conviction

Appeal A Conviction

Have You Been Given A Motoring Conviction?

If you’ve been convicted or sentenced in a Magistrates’ Court for a motoring offence, then there might be an option for you to challenge the ruling you’ve been given.

When you’re looking to appeal a driving ban, get in touch with our expert solicitors at Richard Silver, to see how we can help you overturn a conviction and appeal to get your driving licence back.  Call us on 0161 834 9494.

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How We Can Help You Appeal A Driving Ban

By getting in touch with us, we’ll be able to advise you on how we can appeal any motoring convictions you have to the Crown Court. Time limits to appeal a driving ban or other sentence or conviction are very strict, so it’s important that you get in touch with our experienced solicitors as soon as possible.

Acting quickly is vital in motoring conviction cases. We have years of experience in appealing on behalf of our clients and getting convictions and sentences set aside.

We’ll comb over all the details of your case, and advise you on all possible arguments and defences against your conviction. We may be able to have your case re-opened in the Magistrates’ Court, and get your sentence set aside, if for example, you weren’t made aware of a Summons or hearing date.

Or, if your case was dealt with in the Crown Court, we might have the option of appealing to the Court of Appeal. In some cases, it is possible to appeal to the High Court by way of a ‘Judicial Review’. Whilst these instances are relatively rare, you can rest assured that we have the expertise necessary to advise and assist you.

The Consequences Of A Driving Conviction

If you have been convicted of a motoring offence, and are facing a driving ban, then you could be facing a number of years without a driving licence. This could place significant hardship on your family and work life.

When you have a driving ban on your record, you may also find it difficult or impossible in applying for certain jobs, and in getting car insurance.

Getting Help From An Expert Motoring Solicitor

The most important thing to do when you’re facing a driving ban conviction is to get in touch with us urgently. Time is extremely important in appealing a driving offence and getting a sentence or conviction overturned.

As you soon as you get in touch, we’ll be able to advise you on your current situation, and see how we can help you fight the driving sentence you’ve been given, and keep your driving licence.

Call us today, on FREEPHONE 0161 834 9494.

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Case Study: Find Out How We’ve Helped Others Like You

Appeal Case Study

“Our client was a delivery driver. Without legal representation, he was disqualified from driving for 12 months, even though he had only 6 points. He could not understand why he had been banned and asked Richard Silver to help.

Within 24 hours, having obtained and checked the relevant DVLA and Court records, we ascertained that due to a mistake by the Court he had been wrongly disqualified. The following day, the Court granted our application to lift the ban.”

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