Motoring Offence Legal Aid FAQs

Eligibility for legal aid for motoring offences can be confusing & complex. Below are commonly asked questions answered by an experienced motoring law solicitor.

Q: Can I get legal aid for my motoring case?

A: It depends on the case. Legal aid is rarely granted for motoring offences in the magistrates’ court, such as speeding or careless driving. However, for more serious driving offences such as dangerous driving, drink driving or disqualified driving, legal aid may be available in some circumstances. For example, if there is a serious risk of prison, there are difficult legal issues, or if expert evidence is involved. Where legal aid is available, it is means tested by the Court. For most Crown Court cases legal aid is automatic, but you may have to pay a contribution to the Legal Aid Agency, depending on your means. We no longer deal with legal aid cases, but we can represent you privately if you wish. You may have motor, home or legal expenses insurance and it is worth checking if that will cover your legal costs. We can check this for you on request.

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