Mobile Phone Driving FAQ’s

Mobile phone driving offences and the motoring laws that govern offences can be confusing & complex. Below are commonly asked questions answered by an experienced motoring law solicitor.

Q: I have been caught using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving. How many points will I get?

A: In most cases, you will receive six penalty points. (Three if the offence was committed before 1st March 2017). There will also be a fine.

If you reach twelve points for mobile phone offences committed within three years of each other, you are at risk of disqualification for at least six months under the totting up system, unless you can show that this would accuse exceptional hardship.

If you are a new driver and reach six points for offences within two years of passing your first driving test, the DVLA will revoke your licence and you would have to re-take your test.

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