Drug driving case dropped by CPS following blood test errors by discredited laboratory

In May 2017, we discovered that numerous drug driving prosecutions have been dropped or postponed following a review of blood tests conducted by Randox Testing Services, the discredited forensics laboratory.

Richard Silver Solicitors are currently dealing with a number of such cases. In fact, following re-testing by our own forensic scientist, one of these cases has just been dropped by the prosecution, despite initial prevarication by the CPS when we first raised the issue.

This has saved our client’s driving licence. Had we not spotted the issue and raised concerns, the motorist would have been disqualified from driving for at least 12 months and faced  a heavy fine, as well as increased insurance costs in future.

This case illustrates yet again that any driver faced with a drink or drug driving allegation should always get legal advice from a specialist lawyer.

This will ensure that any possible defences or mitigating factors are properly explored and may reduce or even – as in this case – avoid altogether a driving ban.

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