Domestic Violence

We have considerable experience of representing clients charged with domestic violence on spouses, partners or other family members, including common assault, harassment and stalking cases. Contrary to media reports, these cases are usually treated very seriously by the police, Crown Prosecution Service and courts.

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In reality, many domestic violence cases are not like the ones that make the news. Family life can be stressful and all relationships may go through difficult patches. Often, by the time the matter reaches court the parties have reconciled and the person making the allegation has withdrawn their complaint and perhaps made a retraction. Despite this, many complainants are forced by the police to attend court against their will. In other cases the Prosecution attempt to use hearsay evidence which does not rely on the complaint giving evidence in court.

Most of these cases are dealt with in the magistrates’ court, although some may go to the Crown Court.

In many cases bail conditions are imposed, such as non-contact, sometimes against the complainant’s wishes. These can interfere with reconciliation attempts and child-care arrangements. In appropriate cases we can apply for variation or removal of these conditions and if necessary, appeal to the Crown Court.

Domestic violenceWe have considerable experience of dealing with these issues and a very high acquittal rate, which in some cases may be what both parties want. We will handle your situation discreetly and sensitively. We also appreciate that these cases can be traumatic for all concerned and may have life-changing consequences for your relationship or career.

Legal Aid may be available, subject to means. If not, our prices are reasonable and agreed with you in advance.

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