Sexual Offences

We have considerable experience and expertise in dealing with sex offences, including rape, sexual assault and touching, child abuse, sexual offence prevention orders and possession of indecent photographs and computer images.

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These cases, which are usually dealt with in the Crown Court, can put you at risk of prison and are always treated very seriously by the police, Crown Prosecution Service and courts. In recent times, there have been a number of high-profile cases, although in reality, many are not like the ones that make the news such as Rolf Harris, Max Clifford and Barry Bennell .

_65200974_04f7ouyb[1]As with Rolf Harris and others, charges are often brought many years or even decades after the event. This can cause evidential problems for both sides. Many people have found themselves facing such allegations, including teachers and other professionals.

We have considerable experience of dealing with these cases and a high success rate, including two recent rape acquittals in the Crown Court.

We will handle your situation discreetly and sensitively, and we appreciate that these cases can be traumatic for all concerned and may have life-changing consequences for your career, relationships and even liberty.

We do not offer legal aid, but our fees are reasonable and agreed with you in advance.

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“Thanks for representing me, for all your support and kind help last week. J and I appreciate it greatly. It is easy to see why exactly you come highly recommended. You have been an immense help, and we both marvelled at the way you handled everything in Court. Now the nerves have lifted, I can only say that it was admirable.”

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