No Insurance Case Studies

No Insurance Case Studies

We have successfully represented many clients charged with driving without insurance offences. Read some of our case studies below.

Driving Without Insurance – Case Study 1

Manchester Magistrates’ Court

Our client had borrowed his friend’s car and been mistakenly told by him that it was insured. He was therefore at risk of at least six penalty points and a fine. Again, we were able to persuade the Court that “special reasons” existed and no penalty points were imposed.

Driving Without Insurance – Case Study 2

Dewsbury Magistrates’ Court

Our client’s mother arranged his insurance online. He had a no claims bonus with the same insurance company and the premium was therefore reduced. A few weeks later, our client was astonished to be stopped by the police and told he was not insured.

It transpired that the insurance company had cancelled the insurance, without his knowledge, on the grounds that he had failed to supply proof of his no claims entitlement. Later it turned out that their letter had been sent to the wrong address.

Although our client was in no way at fault, he was now at risk of at least six penalty points and a large fine. This would have put his job at risk. Although driving without insurance usually carries at least six points, we were able to establish “special reasons” for not imposing them. As a result no penalty points were imposed and he was not fined.

Driving Without Insurance – Case Study 3

Bury Magistrates’ Court

Our client was driving his father’s car, which was insured for any driver. Although he had the documents to prove it, the police repeatedly refused to accept that he was insured and the car was seized. Following our intervention, the car was returned, the Prosecution dropped and his legal costs were paid by the Court.

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