Careless Driving Case Studies

Careless Driving Case Studies

We have successfully represented many clients charged with careless driving offences. Read some of our case studies below.

Careless Driving Case Study 1

City of London Magistrates’ Court

Our client was a Hertfordshire engineer.

While driving in central London, he ran over a pedestrian’s foot. Two prosecution witnesses blamed our client and on paper the case against him seemed overwhelming.

The pedestrian claimed that he had already crossed halfway across the road when our client ran him over.

Our client was certain that the accident was not his fault. He maintained that the pedestrian had stepped off the pavement into the road immediately in front him without looking. Also, because the pedestrian had emerged from a crowd of people, it was impossible to see him until it was too late and there was no chance to avoid a collision.

Thorough cross-examination by Richard Silver of the prosecution witnesses showed that their version of events was unlikely and that the accident could not have happened in the way they described.

Richard Silver was also able to establish that the police had failed to interview potentially crucial witnesses who had seen what happened and whose evidence was missing.

Richard obtained detailed plans of the road. Consequently, he was able to show that because the road was very narrow and the point of impact on the car was on the side nearest the kerb, the pedestrian’s claim that he was halfway across the road when struck was impossible.

As a result, our client was acquitted. The Court paid most of his legal costs. Had he been convicted, he would have received penalty points and a fine. Also, the price of his insurance would almost certainly have increased.

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