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Response to Legal Aid PCT Consultation

RESPONSE TO MOJ CONSULTATION PAPER CP14/2013 ON PRICE COMPETITIVE TENDERING FOR LEGAL AID (PCT) INTRODUCTION Equal access to justice, irrespective of means, is essential to the rule of law, and to a fair, harmonious and civilized society. High standards of representation ensure that the innocent are acquitted and the guilty convicted, and that those in […]

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Motoring Convictions Infographic

Motoring Convictions Infographic Embed Driving Convictions Infographic on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below Driving Convictions Infographic – An infographic by the team at By Richard Silver

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Foreign and exchange driving licences in the UK

We are often asked if you can drive in Great Britain with a foreign driving licence and for how long. If you have an EU (or EEA) licence you can drive in Great Britain until you’re 70, or for three years after becoming resident here, whichever is longer. After that, you need an exchange licence. […]

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