Infographic: Christmas Drink Driving Risks

Most people in the UK like an alcoholic drink, but many will drink more than usual at Christmas and this can lead to bad decision making. Namely, choosing to drink drive and risking a range of consequences if you are caught, including fines and penalties, driving bans, a  prison sentence, and of course a ruined Christmas.

Richard Silver Solicitors was eager to raise awareness of this and in particular driving the morning after drinking alcohol. On average people are five hours away from being sober enough to drive when they get behind the wheel. This is dangerous for them and the people around them, and if they are caught the consequences can be life shattering.

Creating an infographic was an ideal method through which the team could share the risks of drink driving at this time of year and the potential repercussions. The infographic uses a simple, yet effective design to demonstrate the journey of choosing to drink drive at Christmas.

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Christmas Drink Driving Risks Infographic
Richard Silver Drink Driving Infographic

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